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Now this is how you respond to hateful assholes like the Westboro Baptist Church…Ke$ha Hits Back At Her Westboro Protesters in Lincoln, NE (by Sienna Stylish)

Text 19 Aug 1,500 notes A Message from Mark Ruffalo for Abortion Rights Rally - Aug 17, 2013 in Jackson, MS


   I am a man. I could say this has nothing to do with me. Except I have two daughters and I have a mother who was forced to illegally have an abortion in her state where abortion was illegal when she was a very young woman. It cost $600 cash. It was a traumatizing thing for her. It was shameful and sleazy and demeaning. When I heard the story I was aghast by the lowliness of a society that would make a woman do that. I could not understand its lack of humanity; today is no different.

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We all carry our
own sunshine but sometimes the
clouds cast dark shadows.
— (via graciouswords)
Text 30 Jun Pride 2013

There is no question that this is a very special Pride. From seeing a very special couple get married to seeing the Supreme Court strike down DOMA  and Prop 8 to seeing states pass marriage laws, I am a very happy man. Happy Pride everyone.

Photo 30 Jun 3 notes chrisgeidner:

NYC Pride parade, Fifth Avenue and 8th Street.


NYC Pride parade, Fifth Avenue and 8th Street.

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we will all share
the same bed;
fading like sunset
beneath death’s
patchwork quilt
of memories.
— (via graciouswords)
Text 16 Jun Father’s Day

Back in May, I said that I hated Mother’s Day. The same feelings hold true for Father’s Day as well. My father is (and never was) a part of my life. But what kills me is that he remained a part of his other kids’ lives. I won’t lie; I resent that. A lot. I felt ignored, unwanted, and unloved. I know that at this stage, I should expect nothing from the damn sperm donor, but I do have one question. Why didn’t you want anything to do with me? What did I do to you?

Text 11 Jun 50 years

"A great change is at hand, and our task, our obligation, is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. Those who do nothing are inviting shame, as well as violence. But those who act boldly are recognizing right, as well as reality."

Fifty years ago today, John Fitzgerald Kennedy said those remarkable words, just as Byron de la Beckwith put a bullet through the back of Medgar Evers in Mississippi that same night. And five decades later, those words still ring true, maybe even more so. Especially in light of the eviction of Istanbul’s Taksim Square. While I write these words from the comfort of a library half a world away, I think about how we all have the opportunity to act boldly in spite of popular opinion. Whether it’s abortion, the environment, LGBT rights, or capital punishment, keeping quiet should never be an option.

Link 6 Jun French activist left braindead after attack by skinheads»

UPDATE: Clement Meric has died.

Link 5 Jun 42 notes via chris geidner: Ohio Group Plans To Take Same-Sex Marriage To The Ballot In 2014»


FreedomOhio announced Wednesday that they plan to bring an amendment to Ohio voters to allow same-sex couples to marry in November 2014.

And while the group suggested the involvement of other groups, representatives of other organizations that participated in a Wednesday meeting about the effort…

Link 29 May STARKE, Fla.: Fla man executed for assault, murder of young girl - Florida -»
Link 29 May Man Dies After Police Tase Him; Family Puzzled « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth»


Link 29 May Church of England leaders propose female bishops by 2015»

This would be a welcome change.

Link 22 May White People Stopped By New York Police Are More Likely To Have Guns Or Drugs Than Minorities»


Link 15 May Stop-and-frisk can only work after real police reform»

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